Checking The Fluids In Your Car Yourself

Car FluidsYour car has multiple fluids that need to be checked from time to time. You do not want to go to the mechanic not knowing what the fluid levels are like in your car, but you will be able to get the car checked out yourself when you follow the steps in this article. In addition to filling your fluids, this would be a good time to make sure car is equipped with a high quality battery jump starter in case you find yourself with a dead battery. Each step helps you check something different in the car, and you should do the checks all at the same time.


You need to check the oil level in your car using the dipstick that is in the car. You can see how full the oil is, and you can take your car in for an oil change if it is low. This is a much easier way of making sure that the oil is going to be changed at the right time, and you may learn that your car goes through oil faster.


You need to check the coolant every month in the summer, and you will be able to see how full it is by looking at the reservoir in the car. You should refill the coolant when it needs it, and you should bring in your car for repairs if you think it is leaking. You will notice a problem if the coolant is low all the time.

Brake Fluid

You need to make sure that you have enough brake fluid, and you need to check it often to make sure it is not running low. You will be able to take your car in for a service if you are low, or you can refill the fluid on your own.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid in your car keeps the gears from grinding on one another. You have to check the levels every month, and you should refill the fluid when it is low. You will feel problems when you shift gears in a car that has low fluid, or you will hear the gears knock for now reason.

Washer Fluid

You need to keep the washer fluid up in case you need to wash your windshield. The washer fluid is easy to refill, and it is needed when you are riding in the elements. This is a very easy process for any driver.

Checking all the fluids is going to help you when you are trying to care for your car. You can find some high quality products by researching on sites like Use each step in the article to make sure that you keep your car in the best condition possible.

How to See If Your Local Car Shop Is Good

Everyone would prefer to find an excellent, trustworthy, and reliable local garage which offers them value for money every time. You will be able to find one after conducting a detailed search among all garages available in your local area. After this, you will avoid chances of engaging wrong technicians who charge over the top.

How to get personal Auto Repairs recommendations

You can start by consulting friends, relatives and work mates and ask them if they have or know anyone who drives a similar model and make of car like yours. You should elaborate the reason why you asked them that question; because you want auto repairs for your car. In fact, all those people you contact must have an idea or two and they will give a list of some companies they have worked with in the past.

What you should learn from recommendations given

You should ask those who recommended particular garage for auto repair to give you more information concerning the garage they recommended.

  1. They should tell you how long they have used those auto repair services they have recommended to you. If they have used it for a reasonable period of time, then they are the right one for your auto repairs.
  2. What assignment or work was done on their car the last time they visited the garage?
  3. How was the service conducted? What was the physical condition of the car when returned to them?
  4. Was there any other extra auto repairs done on their car? Did the technician stick to initial quotation given?
  5. Did they itemize the invoice on every service and parts replaced? Was there extra charge they were not informed about before, what was it for?

Now list a few garages and contact them by phone or e-mail

This step will involve interview and vetting of those you think are favorite to repair your car. Talk to receptionist to learn more about the company. After conducting this vetting you will be assured of getting the most suitable candidates to enlist and repair your car.

Conduct a surprise visit to a few garages

Find out where the car will be parked before, during and after service. This is to be assured of security of your car. See whether there is sufficient space within the garage or it is always parked with cars. Engage a bit with staffs especially technicians to know whether they are well trained and qualified to be trusted with your vehicle.

After visiting the other garages you can now make up your mind and get the best auto repair garage out of the list. You can now take your can for the repair needed and have peace of mind the car will be attended to by professionals.